What Makes Your Marketing Successful?

Posted on April 20, 2015

One key element of marketing is being able to create and establish “connected experiences,” as the CMO of RR Donnelley likes to call them, with each and every customer.  Instead of overwhelming consumers and customers with messages everywhere they look, you take the time to really think through the message and the desired end goal.  Marketing is not something that should be thrown together quickly and mass-produced, with the sole intent of getting it to as many people as possible at one time.  It takes time to research and make sure you are hitting your target audience with the right message, at the right time, that will have the most effect.  Only then will you see any positive benefits of your marketing efforts.

PrintVsDigitalAs we all know, the more connected a consumer feels to a certain product or brand, the more apt they are to continue using that specific brand and product, and that in turn produces customer loyalty.  Just like you and I, consumers like to feel engaged in what they are doing.  In marketing our companies and products, we have to remember the end users and what is important to them and what they like to see and hear.  And when we don’t manage to grab our customers’ attention, we create a disconnected experience and we lose them.  Plain and simple. They move on to other companies and become involved with new products and possibilities that do engage them and fulfill their needs.

In this day and age, there are so many channels through which we can reach new and existing customers. In our marketing endeavors we have to pay attention to each and every channel available and be sure they are connected and working together properly to serve their ultimate marketing purpose.  This means that while some people prefer digital marketing like email blasts and Twitter posts,  others prefer a printed piece, like a direct mailing with a personalized URL created just for them. The digital world of marketing is quickly expanding and many are quick to rely heavily, or even solely, on their digital branding and marketing efforts. However, we have to remember that the power of print can help us stand out in the crowd; words and images that people can touch and see while holding in their hands will never lose their power.

There is no right or wrong way to market. But as a rule of thumb, keep in mind your target audience and which channels are most fitting to engage and  ensure their main goals and desires are met and to ensure they return and want to work with you again!

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