Walking the Appalachian Trail

Posted on March 30, 2015

On March 30, 11 members of the Wentworth team begin their ShapeUp journey with the Appalachian Trail Challenge. Led by Team Captain Summer Lee, this group will work towards the ultimate goal to walk 2,180 miles – the entire length of the Appalachian Trail! This corporate challenge is open to all RR Donnelley companies and the purpose is to provide a fun way to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle for all RRD employees. This has warranted quite a positive response, and as of today, there are over 315 teams participating.

Appalachian TrailEach team has 8 weeks, from March 30 through May 24, to complete the challenge. All team members will track their daily steps and record them on the ShapeUp website to have them count towards the long trek. Many on the Wentworth team have invested in Fitbits or similar devices to help track activity. It has been a team-building experience already – participating in work-week challenges and comparing notes and tips as we all gear up for the big journey.

Each participant has access to the ShapeUp challenge website where we created our profiles and contributed additional information like personal interests and goals. It has been fun learning a bit more about our fellow co-workers and their interests and what they are working towards. Along with our personalized profiles, the website allows everyone to see the actual journey and progress. We can track at what point we are in our expedition, support and cheer on our team, and keep up with the status and rankings of other RRD teams!

The Wentworth team is ready to go… Appalachian Trail, here we come!

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