The Masters: A Southern Golf Tradition

Posted on April 8, 2014

This week we’re celebrating the Masters Tournament, one of the South’s most historied sporting events.

The Masters Tournament, a.k.a. The Masters, was first played in 1934. Back then, a series ticket only cost $5.50. Can you believe it?
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The Masters is one of the four major professional golf championships, played each year in April. Unlike the other majors, the Masters is held every year at the same location at Augusta National, a private golf club in Augusta, Georgia. Both the golf club and the tournament were founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. Jones, an amateur champion golfer, worked with a British architect named Alister Mackenzie to design the course layout and architecture.

Bobby Jones had always dreamed of building a golf course, and upon seeing the property that would become Augusta National, he said, “Perfect! And to think this ground has been lying here all these years waiting for someone to come along and lay a golf course on it.”

The first Masters was played with current holes 10 through 18 as the first nine, and 1 through 9 as the second nine, but was later reversed permanently to its present layout. Since its inception, the Masters has become a quintessential southern experience and thousands of golf fans from around the world travel to enjoy the tradition as well as the southern charm.

And while the ticket prices may have risen over the years, you can still get another southern classic – the pimento cheese sandwich – for just $1.50.

For more information on the Masters or its history you can check out the official tournament website or coverage by The Augusta Chronicle.


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