QR codes are everywhere!

Posted on February 8, 2011

QR codes are everywhere! They are showing up in stores, arriving in your mailbox, and even showing up on on television. QR codes a.k.a “Quick Response” codes allow a user quick access to content by using a camera phone or a barcode scanner. We have provided a list of QR readers here

It is super easy to integrate QR codes in your marketing campaigns. They can link to websites, videos, or just content. Here are a few cool ideas that we have seen QR codes used in conjunction with printed pieces!

1. Promoting a band? Add a QR code to your neon pink flyer -the readers can pick up on colored stocks and the scanner can watch a clip of your band performing.

2. Host an interactive scavenger hunt. WPC did one this summer and it was a huge hit! Read about it here

3. Add to the back of your business card- it can contain a vCard with all of your contact information

4. Download a mobile app

5. Selling your house? Add a QR code to the flyer!

6. We’ve seen a job applicant include a QR code on a resume. It linked to a video of her explaining why she should get the job! How about that for standing out in a crowd?

7. Add to a postcard to direct recipient to a purl

8. Having a party? Add one to the invite – it can link to a page for them to RSVP! (Don’t know if we’re feeling it on the wedding invites though, but we’re not here to judge)

9. Make temporary tattoos and leave them around town. It can link to a website or your businesses

10. At a trade show? Put QR codes on the name badges – participants can scan and save other attendees information!

11. QR codes don’t have to be black. You can color the code to match your branding. Take it up a notch an add logos or images to it!

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