QR code Scavenger Hunt

Posted on September 16, 2010

It’s hard to stand out among thousands of captivating printed pieces.  It’s even harder to keep the attention of hundreds of eager National Associates Meeting (NAM) Attendees for a three day period.

One sure way to do it – a multichannel marketing campaign that combines print, QR codes, and of course, Twitter.

The campaign worked like this:

– Each morning QR “clues” were set at each table.  The clues consisted of a printed QR code, instructions on how to scan with a smartphone, and a username (CGXnam2010) to follow on Twitter.

– When they were scanned a survey came up asking a question with a multiple choice response.

– Once the answer was submitted, a Twitter message was instantaneously created and tweeted live for all to follow.  Participants could easily view their competition!

– The first three people to answer all 5 questions correctly were awarded a Visa gift card.

The campaign was successful in every way possible; it created a buzz about Wentworth at NAM, had instant, measurable results with participants contact information, and led to feedback and future discussions with participants.

With successful integration of print, technology, and social media, Wentworth’s QR Code Contest definitely set the bar high for next year’s meeting.  What will we come up with next?Image from @tini-bop

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