Emerge 2011 play-by-play! Part 2

Posted on May 19, 2011

from @garnerprinting

7:42 am 5/20/2011: Good morning! WPC is flying back to SC – we’ll have a complete photo book for you later  as well as another post with a recap of the entire event.  To keep you entertained until then – here’s a fun one of Jamonn @jbreezy16. Safe travels to everyone and thanks for following our play-by-play. Thanks to our amazing guests, the CGX staff, the powerful speakers, and everyone who made EMERGE 2011 such a great event.

8:30 pm 5/19/2011: Lots of things going on in the stadium – it’s going to be a long night – we’ll have pictures posted for you in the morning. Until then, enjoy #cgxemerge on twitter!

6:40 pm 5/19/2011: Some shots from the Deathstar! The first is TSSG from @susanhiler, the next one is our Encore Award winner @tinagarrett, and then @dneese on the jumbo tron!

5:37 pm 5/19/2011: WPC is ready for some football!!

5:24 pm 5/19/2011: Laissez les bon temps rouler! #cgxemerge 2012 is April 17-20 in New Orleans! Mark your calendars!

4:36 pm 5/19/2011: A great afternoon.  Now for the Tailgate Party on the patio and then to hop on the bus to Cowboys Stadium!

4:14 pm 5/19/2011: “Does your company provide a great experience for your customer?” Jamie Rootes via @treerobin

3:58 pm 5/19/2011: “”Don’t play to play, play to win” -Jamey Rootes

3:55 pm 5/19/2011: “”Brands are built from the inside out” @starbucks Howard Schultz via @houstontexans Jamey Rootes” via @bruceww

3:48 pm 5/19/2011:Brands never sleep or eat… they work 24/7/365″ -Jamey Rootes

3:44 pm 5/19/2011: Big crowd for #cgxemerge closing keynote w/Jamey Rootes from @houstontexans http://t.co/Uq4yyDG via @bruceww

3:44 pm 5/19/2011: Houston Texans in the house! via @MtVernonPrint

3:35 pm 5/19/2011: Jamey Rootes, President of the Houston Texans with the last Keynote!

3:29 pm 5/19/2011: “Clarity will always trump cleverness” – Jim Richards USPS via @divernow

3:23 pm 5/19/2011: Surprise! 91% of B2B buyers read blogs, view videos or listen to podcasts @tomhoehn @kodak via @jessicamfrey

2:40 pm 5/19/2011: WOW WHAT A RESPONSE FROM THIS TWEET – @streetzapizza Help me show the people at #cgxemerge how active MKE is on @twitter. RT.. http://twitpic.com/4zrtvr

2:01 pm 5/19/2011: “Great session with Tom Hoehn from Kodak – they truly get the value of social media for their brand. Thanks for the inspiration!” @dkorinek

1:25 pm 5/19/2011: Digital panel highlights from @jessicamfrey

  • Inkjet is a technology that now allows you to paint in the whole sheet with color, variable imaging and text.
  • Inkjet digital technology will ‘democratize color’ -#Xerox rep at digital panel
  • Today, 140 million pages printed digitally a week. Next stop is all 77 trillion pages-#HP rep at digital panel

12:45 pm 5/19/2011: Some more secret shots of the stadium!

12:18 pm 5/19/2011: Getting very excited about tonight!! Here’s a shot of the crew setting up the obstacle course and competitions in Cowboy Stadium!

11:54 am 5/19/2011: “A colorist knows that two objects must be viewed simultaneously in order to fully judge their differences.” -Sun Chemical via @jessicamfrey

11:41 am 5/19/2011: Another shot from @laurenlawlis – The behind-the-scenes group setting up the stadium! (That tall guy with the foam hat is a former employee – he recently transferred to Houston to work with CGXSolutions/TSSG. We miss you James!)

11:29 am 5/19/2011: Komori will be presenting about Eco-Friendly Graphic Design at 1:30

11:24 am 5/19/2011: Dallas Cowboy Stadium tonight! WPC will be festive and rockin’ their football gear.

11:16 am 5/19/2011: “Setting the mood at #CGXEMERGE from the moment you arrive. Emerge day three is going strong!” Another cool shot from @garnerprinting. This is the outside of the Hyatt Regency in Dallas.

11:06 am 5/19/2011: from @laurenlawlis The diamond vision board is on at the stadium, this thing is ridiculous! It is 7 stories tall!

10:56 am 5/19/2011: “The supply of goods and services in any market place now exceeds demands. Think about it.” Mark McDonald-Gartner, Inc.

10:44 am 5/19/2011: “You can’t build authenticity, you are authentic.” – Monica Edwards, Vera Bradley via@lauraklebeck

10:37 am 5/19/2011: @laurenlawlis and the CGX crew have arrived at Cowboy Stadium to start setting up for tonight’s P-A-R-T-Y.

10:26 am 5/19/2011: Sun Chemical’s “Do You See What I See” breakout is pretty awesome.

10:18 am 5/19/2011: Here’s a clip from Noha’s presentation yesterday  http://twitpic.com/4zo3hp

10:15 am 5/19/2011: Breakout sessions about to start – Social Media and Market Trends.

10:02 am 5/19/2011: Go Big or Go HOME. A great presentation by John Sabel!

9:54 am 5/19/2011: ARGH MATEY. Go against the grain!

9:36 am 5/19/2011: “If you do your job right, you can really piss off your competition.” – John Sabel

9:33 am 5/19/2011: Looking at some very awesome samples from Wall-E and Alice in Wonderland.  Cool billboards. “Alice in Wonderland was Disney on drugs” -John Sabel

9:29 am 5/19/2011: “Challenge yourself by taking risks that have you right on the edge of being fired if they don’t work” – John Sabel

9:23 am 5/19/2011: John Sabel, EVP Motion Picture Creative Print Marketing for Disney up on stage for his Keynote. Speaking about print and it’s role at Disney

8:49 am 5/19/2011: Shot of the Marketing Panel discussion from @garnerprinting

8:41 am 5/19/2011: CGX just announced the opening of a top-tier data center. “… incorporates advanced high-density HP servers, storage, and networking systems needed to power the company’s advanced Hybrid Delivery cloud computing solutions. The facility is Level 4 compliant, meaning it is built to the highest security levels to secure data and ensure uninterrupted service in the event of power outages or violent acts of nature such as hurricane, tornado or flood.” Full press release here

8:36 am 5/19/2011: Another update from @jefftork: Dallas’ Holly Mason at emerge this morning: “Marketing getting back to basics, focusing on consistency to maximize brand.”

8:24 am 5/19/2011: Alexander Duckworth now at Marketing Panel at emerge in Dallas: “Less massive print runs, more smaller runs, higher quality.” via @jefftork

8:14 am 5/19/2011: Hmm.. what IS the truth behind cherries, chocolates, frogs, parrots and paper? Find out

7:51 am 5/19/2011: Yep, you’re right Tina. There is definitely something special about the little blue box- (or bag in this case)

7:42 am 5/19/2011: Good morning! Some great speakers today, John Sabel, EVP Motion Picture Creative Print Marketing, Walt Disney Studios at 9:15, and Jamey Rootes, President of the Houston Texans at 3:30. Party at Cowboy Stadium tonight!

7:30 am 5/19/2011: Some additional shots from last night’s ENCORE awards. Again, congratulations to everyone! Official list of winners

7:00 am 5/19/2011: Check out the first two days EMERGE play-by-play here. We’ve added a 2nd post to cut down on the scrolling action.

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