Emerge 2011 play-by-play!

Posted on May 16, 2011
Here is a play-by-play of Days 1 & 2 of EMERGE 2011. Day 3  5/19/2011 is here

8:00 pm 5/18/2011: Encore is over! What a great event- hope they have it again next year. Congratulations to all the finalists and the winners. Here’s the WPC Crew and Tina from Gil Shuler Graphic Design with the Encore Award!


6:15 pm 5/18/2011: Let the Gala begin! Here is a list of the Encore categories & finalists. As we hear the winners we’ll make them RED.

  • Books & Annual Reports:
    • Euro RSCG, San Francisco, CA
    • Minor Design Group, Houston, TX
    • Storyville Coffee Company, Seattle, WA
  • Brochures:
    • Hanson Dodge Creative, Milwaukee, WI
    • Herman Miller, Inc., Zeeland, MI (and People’s Encore Award Winner)
    • Team Detroit, Detroit, MI
  • Catalogs & Magazines:
    • Baron & Baron, Inc., New York, NY
    • Guess?,Inc., Los Angeles, CA
    • Tiffany & Co., New York, NY
  • Digital:
    • Orion Developers, Ltd., Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
    • Quiksilver, Huntington Beach, CA
    • Zoo Valdes LLC, Columbia, SC
  • Direct Mail:
    • The Hartford, Hartford, CT
    • MicroMass Communications, Inc., Cary, NC
    • Team Detroit, Detroit, MI
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    • Gil Shuler Graphic Design, Mount Pleasant, SC
    • Centiva, Florence, AL
    • Weber Shandwick, Dallas, TX
  • General:
    • Duncan Channon, Inc., San Francisco, CA
    • Greenlight, Dallas, TX
    • Sandbox Studio, Chicago, IL
  • Packaging:
    • Edizen Corporation, Springfield, MA
    • Scottsdale League for the Arts, Scottsdale, AZ
    • Teague, Seattle, WA
  • Print & Technology Solutions:
    • Kaiser Permanente, Burbank, CA
    • North Charles Street Design Organization, Baltimore, MD
    • Vera Bradley, Fort Wayne, IN

5:55 pm 5/18/2011: Fun shot from @laurenlawlis. We want to give a big shout out Lauren and all of the other behind-the-scenes people who are making this year’s emerge such a successful, informative, and enjoyable event.

Encore begins! @laurenlawlis

5:15 pm 5/18/2011: Off to the Encore Cocktail Reception and then the Encore Gala & Dinner starting at 6:15 pm.

4:48 pm 5/18/2011: Day 2 DONE- now time to get ready for the Encore Cocktail Reception. Some cool shots from @rosekris of some Encore finalists. We think he is partial to @Storyville and we can see why!

@Storyville vs Herman Miller, Teague, Guess, Ford, Tiffany for print award. Wee bit teary via @rosekris

Images from @rosekris via twitpic

4:39 pm 5/18/2011: Scott Baitinger @scotbait from @streetzapizza giving his presentation From Zero To Impact.

4:26 pm 5/18/2011: Love this tweet from @TP_ROI: Squealing with excitement over the WorkSmart™ Suite from @CGXPrint #cgxemerge Oink!

4:05 pm 5/18/2011: Taylor Kobey, one of the CGX TSDs, presenting Streamline! via @susanhiler

4:01 pm 5/18/2011: Some take-aways from Jay Schewedson @schwedelson, President & CEO of Worldata via @jessicamfrey

  • People will buy almost anything if they think they can’t get it at a later date. Create urgency!
  • Exclusive in the subject heading of an email generates an extra 26% open rate on email campaigns
  • Gmail users are 42% more likely to click on a time sensitive offer than users of Yahoo or Hotmail
  • Landing pages that have the same primary image as the originating email have a 19% higher submission rate
  • Email messages mentioning FB in the subject have a 32% higher open rate
  • Nearly 65 million users ‘Like’ things daily
  • 24% of all email responders come from pre-header clicks.
  • 74% of all emails sent will have images blocked by default and image links won’t work.
  • Responding within 5 days to a lead that has provided any email data increases the lifetime value of that lead by over 50%
  • 18% of all email click-throughs will occur AFTER your offer expires

3:45 pm 5/18/2011: Most expensive paper to manufacture? Bible paper.

3:43 pm 5/18/2011: Practice run through for tonight’s encore awards! Sneak peek of Mr. Davis and Aaron Grohs rehearsing from @laurenlawlis

JD & AG run through via @laurenlawlis

3:24 pm 5/18/2011: Glossy, matte, satin, dull, soft, rough, smelly you name it we have got your coating

3:00 pm 5/18/2011: Thanks for all the twitter love @garnerprinting @lauracathcecily @automatedgraph @mercuryprinting @transilwrap @printpca

2:35 pm 5/18/2011: “Women know that beauty is done for themselves. Men think it’s for them.” -Don Pettit

2:24 pm 5/18/2011: James used the @blurbbooks mobile photobook app to create a photobook of EMERGE – Check it out here: http://www.blurb.com/mobile/show/0e02fcc2 and then visit the Apple App Store to get your free version.

2:17 pm 5/18/2011: The “ooh factor” inspires purchases in cosmetics, but I want to know how to measure “ooh”? -Don Pettit

2:15 pm 5/18/2011: “Branding is a symphony of multiple contact points. You’re the conductor.” -Don Pettit

2:08 pm 5/18/2011: Don Pettit, Chairman and CEO of Mally Beauty up now – how branding has changed

2:03 pm 5/18/2011: Color lava! Mix custom colors on your iPad and access it in CS5.  http://www.photoshop.com/products/mobile/colorlava

1:33 pm 5/18/2011: Bring it on Noha! Talking about  mobile applications of CS5. Cool new apps for mobile devices and tablets.

1:22 pm 5/18/2011: CGX is industry leader in cloud computing – creating business agility for our clients. via @shiler

1:03 pm 5/18/2011: Noha Edell, from Adobe will presenting at 1:30. She was amazing last year – watch the video of her from last year. Today she’ll be presenting CS5.5!

12:37 pm 5/18/2011: Technology premiere  – Paul Garner and industry leaders talk about cloud computing

Technology panel via @susanhiler

12:12 pm 5/18/2011: Stat from Jay Schwedelson, CEO of World data:  Email messages that mention Facebook in the subject line have a 32% higher open rate via @printchef

12:01 pm 5/18/2011: Lots of buzz about WorkSmart Suite

11:58 am 5/18/2011 : Another shot of the waterfall, because it is so awesome.

11:45 am 5/18/2011: Having fun between breaks. 

11:00 am 5/18/2011: In one hour – Ask the Experts in the Business Expo Jay Schwedelson, Worldata, Eileen Gittins – Blurb, Don Pettit, Mally Beauty

10:48 5/18/2011: Doug Pike from XMPIE talking about multi-channel marketing. The twist is to incorporate social media for even better results.

10:42 am 5/18/2011: Did you know Tiny Prints started out primarily in birth announcements…hence the name.  Now they produce for the whole life cycle.

10:09 am 5/18/2011: Time for break-out sessions!

9:55 am 5/18/2011: The h20 bottles Joe Davis referred to in his Opening Statement

9:54 am 5/18/2011: Wow. An inspiring keynote address. With all our format choices, when someone decides to take a book to print, it says that this matters. Her inference is that print is the highest level to present creative content. Creative is the new entertainment. Drive 1,000 true fans and you’ve got a new economy.

9:53 am 5/18/2011 : Digital distribution drives awareness, which drives demand and print volume expands via @aunthoney62

9:50 am 5/18/2011: “When you take something to print, it matters”.  Search “Remember Me” at blurb.com to see the impact print can have..

9:47 am 5/18/2011: Came to #CGXemerge to learn about business. After the first speaker @BlurbBooks I now realize I am also here to learn about myself. -@bmasai

9:22 am 5/18/2011: “You can make money on a book of one.” – Eileen Gittins

9:15 am 5/18/2011: “Print is not dead” – Eileen Gittins

9:11 am 5/18/2011: Eileen Gittins, CEO of Blurb, takes the stage for the Keynote speech.

Eileen Gittins, CEO of Blurb from @bruceww

9:06 am 5/18/2011: CGX has formally introdced WorkSmart Suite- an integrated technology platform of marketing solutions. WorkSmart Suite represents an end-to-end solution for creating, distributing and managing breakthrough marketing campaigns. Full Press Release here

“WorkSmart Suite is a flexible, adaptable technology set that can be used across a multitude of industries,” said Paul Garner

A premier application within WorkSmart Suite is “Streamline,” an advanced web2print solution that represents the next generation of Consolidated Graphics’ widely successful StoreFront tool. Streamline provides 24/7 access to users and simplifies the process of on-demand print purchasing, management and distribution of marketing material, to help customers increase sales, improve control over their marketing material, eliminate waste and cut their total cost of ownership.

WorkSmart Suite also includes the following marketing applications:

  • “Connect,” formerly known as CrossMedia – a direct marketing tool that links personalized print and electronic media to connect marketers with customers to drive results. Its features include personalized direct mail, personalized websites, personalized webmail, personalized text messages, personalized QR codes, social media and database integration, management and enrichment.
  • “Organize,” formerly known as Digital Asset Management – a cyber library for marketers, providing an on-line system for organizing, protecting and maximizing the value of digital marketing assets. It accommodates all forms of digital media including photos, layouts, logos, videos, PowerPoint presentations, signatures and Word, PDF and Excel files.

9:03 am 5/18/2011: H20 bottles Mr. Davis referred to are at the INX booth.. photo coming shortly..

9:03 am 5/18/2011: Joe Davis is speaking right now about educating ourselves on new technologies. “Everybody can learn something here at Emerge. The change in the industry is unbelievable.”

Joe Davis at Emerge via @bruceww

8:59 am 5/18/2011: 49 breakout sessions and a party at Cowboy Stadium!

8:41 am 5/18/2011: Aaron Grohs is kicking off EMERGE – “Emerge is where change happens”

8:41 am 5/18/2011: EMERGE 2011 headcounts – 460 customers, 245 sales reps, 75 suppliers, 70 CGX presidents and 75 CGX staff!

8:38 am 5/18/2011: Have you heard of Lamas? They’re easy setup POP displays that save big $$ on shipping costs. Here’s a herd of Lamas!

8:28 am 5/18/2011: Breakfast in Landmark Ballroom

8:16 am 5/18/2011: Neat article about  Eileen Gittins via Mercury Printing-  How She Did It: Inc.’s interview with #cgxemerge Keynote speaker & @blurbbooks founder Eileen Gittins

7:52 am 5/18/2011: Found a cool blog post by Bruce Watermann, SVP of Print Operations at Blurb (@bruceww on Twitter)-  “How I learned to love ink on paper (and the people who print)” http://bit.ly/msNLZv

7:35 am 5/18/2011: Some background on this morning’s Keynote speaker – Eileen Gittins Founder, President, and CEO from the Blurb website:

“Eileen says this is the most rewarding company she’s ever run, which is saying a fair amount as she has lived and worked all over the world with Kodak and as VP at Wall Data before and after the IPO, CEO of Personify (behavioral segmentation and analytics) and Verb (context search), outside Board Director at Qbiquity and Popular Demand.

Eileen never stopped photographing since her days studying photography, and that’s how Blurb got started. She wanted to create a beautifully designed and produced photo essay book – something that looked like a book you’d buy at the bookstore – but she only needed 40 copies. This turned out to be remarkably painful, expensive, and time-consuming – and she thought that was just wrong. So she founded Blurb.

Eileen’s favorite quote: “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” (Gandhi)

Eileen’s first Blurb book: Five Hours in Napa” from blurb.com

7:23 am 5/18/2011: Good morning- thanks for following the play-by-play. Joe Davis and Aaron Grohs will be opening EMERGE 2011 this morning. Can’t get over how great the business expo looks. Encore Award voting until 8:30.

9:35 pm 5/17/2011: Guest Speakers tomorrow: Eileen Gittins, CEO of Blurb at 9:15, Noha Edell from at Adobe at 1:30, and Don Pettit, Chairman and CEO of Mally Beauty at 2. Tomorrow’s evening activity: Encore Gala “cocktail attire” suggested Ooo lala

8:15 pm 5/17/2011: Dinner group!

6:58 pm 5/17/2011: Whew- time to eat! Such a great vibe in the air. Everyone is really excited about tomorrow.

5:48 pm 5/17/2011: The Transilwrap Co has cool print samples at their booth, including the exciting Azuna 3D! http://yfrog.com/gy2warfj

from @Transilwrap

5:08 pm 5/17/2011: Unfortunately, this guy couldn’t make it to #cgxemerge. His comic book is up for an Encore award though- voting has started in Landmark Circle and goes until 6:30 tonight, and then continues from 7:00am – 8:00am tomorrow morning.

An Unwantable

5:03 pm 5/17/2011: Welcome Reception has started, which also means that it is Encore Awards Voting time! We have two finalists – one in the Environmentally Friendly category, and the other in the Digital category! There are so many fabulous pieces here. It’s going to be tough competition and we feel very honored to be in this group of fantastic printing!

4:09 pm 5/17/2011: Got the booth ready, come by and see us!

3:51 pm 5/17/2011: CGX Execs are doing some chatting- Ric Davis, EVP of Operations just gave @WhatTheyThink a behind-the-scenes look at inkjet technology and Paul Garner, Chief Technology Officer just sat down for a great interview on print technology & the WorkSmart Suite via @carolynrodz

3:40 pm 5/17/2011: WPC is on the front page of Printers Marketplace Daily for this live blog. That’s kinda cool! http://paper.li/printersmarket

3:09 pm 5/17/2011: The business expo is going to be amazing. Garner is doing a QR code contest and AGS has info about their Kodak Prosper and samples of cross media and VDP at their booths.  Ask for Mike Moore at the Sun Chemical booth to learn more about the dispenser program. BTW, WPC has some way cool CGX capability photo-books… and word on the street is that CGXSolutions is introducing the new WorkSmart Suite.

Sneak peek of the business expo from @laurenlawlis

2:38 pm 5/17/2011: The WPC group has arrived is ready to rock. Lots of great energy here – excited for the speakers and for our two Encore Award Finalists! Here are some “opening moment” shots for you to enjoy! The shot from the airplane is of the (flooded) Mississippi River.


12:13 pm 5/17/2011: Automated Graphics did the PowerPoint handouts. Each version was printed on their Kodak Prosper 5000XL. Very cool indeed. Read up on the Kodak Prosper 5000XL

11:17 am 5/17/2011: Cool shot of the twitter board from Mauricio Dorantes, @setnarod.

Twitterboard from @setnarod

10:42 am 5/17/2011: Hope everyone has safe travels. If you haven’t already, check out the emerge video from last year: http://ht.ly/4Wupe

9:30 am 5/17/2011: CGX has the Most G7 Master Printer Companies in the World – 46 companies to date!

6:23 am 5/17/2011: Brad, George, Donna, and Tim (and their fabulous guests) are getting ready to fly to Dallas, TX for emerge 2011!

10:00 pm 5/16/2011: Hotel is ready! Check out the signage in the water fountain!!


from @laurenlawlis

12:00 pm 5/16/2011: Signage is being installed! Looks like some awesome grand format work!

from @laurenlawlis

from @laurenlawlis

10:00 am 5/16/2011: Keynote speakers announced

  • Eileen Gittins, founder and CEO of Blurb
  • Don Pettit, chairman and CEO of Mally Beauty
  • John Sabel, EVP Motion Picture Creative Print Marketing, Walt Disney Studios
  • Jamey Rootes, president, Houston Texans
  • also featuring Noha Edell, business development manager for Adobe Systems Inc.

7:15 am 5/16/2011: We will be pulling tweets and images from the conference! Until then, you can check out some pictures from last year’s conference here and learn more about emerge here, but to summarize:

“Our industry is evolving all the time, after all, we’re the ones leading it. Wouldn’t it be great, we realized, if we had a regular dialogue with our customers to exchange thought-provoking ideas and talk about challenges and opportunities facing the industry.   Help our customers become even more successful while also improving the way our industry does business.

Emerge was born.  A conference unlike any other in the print solutions business.

At Emerge we bring our customers together with the top names in our industry – not just Consolidated Graphics but also HP, Kodak, Adobe and numerous other category leaders.  Over the course of two days, industry experts facilitate educational presentations and seminars. Emerge creates an opportunity for leaders to share the most innovative, advanced print solutions, and a forum to listen to customers and respond to their needs. Of course, beyond pure information exchange, Emerge is also a prime networking opportunity at which new opportunities arise and alliances are created.

The two-day conference offers:

  • Educational seminars focused on emerging trends in graphic communications. Discover technologies and techniques that deliver the highest return on marketing and printing investments. Select from a wide variety of timely breakout topics, providing you with the tools you need to implement positive change in your organization and prepare for the future of print and marketing communications.
  • Business expo where attendees gain valuable information and hands-on experience with break-through communication solutions. Consolidated Graphics, along with leading industry experts, will showcase the latest products, services and solutions that are shaping the future of graphic communications.
  • Networking opportunities that provide a forum for sharing ideas and experiences with your peers and industry experts. The relationships you build will be a resource as you implement new solutions in your business.

Emerge is shaping the future of printing and marketing communications and Consolidated Graphics is committed to investing in our customer’s success now and into the future.”

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