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Posted on November 7, 2010

DEER (Digital Enterprise Education & Research), The Foundation for IDEAlliance, have released the “Printing Guidelines 2011”. Here is an excerpt.

“To make sure the color you see on screen comes as close as possible to simulating the final printed work:
– Your monitor must have its own custom ICC profile.
– Your application’s Color Settings must suit the intended print condition (GRACol, SWOP, etc) default Adobe Color Settings
– Keep images in RGB as long as possible but remember they may be less colorful when printed, depending on the gamut of the printing system.
– To see how an RGB image will look when printed, select Proof Colors (CMYK preview) (Mac: Command + Y, PC: CTRL +Y)
– Always embed the profile when saving images. This happens automatically with default Color Settings Files from G7 web page.

About Proofs
– The only purpose of a prepress proof is to simulate how the job will appear on press.
– Prints made on an un-profiled desktop printer are NOT PREPRESS PROOFS
– Proofs and press sheets should be vieweed under ISO-standard D50 lighting. Non-standard illumination (eg office fluorescent tubes) will often cause a good proof or press sheet that looked acceptable under D50 lighting, to look unacceptable.

About Printing
– There are over 100 variables in a typical printing process, not all of which can be controlled by the printer.
– It is theoretically impossible for even the most skilled printer to EXACTLY MATCH a prepress proof.
– It is theoretically impossible to reprint a job exactly the same way twice.
– Good printing should look close to the proof in the most important colors, but will always have some small differences
– Generally, the closer the match you ask for between proof and press, the more the printing will cost.
– If the proof and the press sheet are printed on different colored paper, expect the image areas, especially lighter colors, to be affected by that difference. ”

From Printing Guidelines 2011- Full version here:

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