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Posted on February 17, 2011

Care First

The Opportunity

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, the largest health care insurer in the mid-Atlantic region, faced the daunting challenge of keeping more than three million members informed about a myriad of plans with frequently changing benefits. The company envisioned an automated, print-on-demand solution for producing member kits that would integrate with its existing ordering system. By replacing a manual process requiring a large inventory of loose sheets and an outside fulfillment facility, CareFirst sought to increase efficiency and reduce the waste associated with dated materials while improving the accuracy, quality and image of its marketing kits.

The Solution

Coupling its powerful StoreFront technology and variable data digital printing capabilities, Consolidated Graphics created a highly customized and efficient process for online ordering and on-demand print production. The StoreFront solution integrated perfectly with CareFirst’s business processes and ordering system for a transition that was seamless to customers. Customers continue to place orders on the CareFirst site, which links to StoreFront. Consolidated Graphics processes the orders, produces and distributes the kits on-demand – all within 72 hours or less. A workflow management database that tracks every step of the process provides CareFirst with real-time information on each order.

The Value We Created

The solution enabled CareFirst to eliminate an entire warehouse, avoid the waste associated with obsolete materials and reduce its postage costs and call center volumes. In addition to helping improve CareFirst’s competitive position, the solution has generated an enthusiastic response from insurance brokers and customers. For ease of use and a quality image, the company now issues high-quality, perfect bound books with full-color covers instead of less efficient, two-color pocket folders containing hand-collated inserts. “Consolidated Graphics’ technology solutions have been our most powerful ally against a turbulent economy and relentless competitive pressures,” said John Kastner, Vice President Corporate Marketing Communications for CareFirst.

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