LDP Quarterly – Volume 32 – Behind the Scenes

Posted on April 27, 2011

The Associate Quarterly is a quarterly publication produced by the CGX Leadership Development Program Associates and distributed across the country. A different region or sister company is selected to produce each issue- cradle to grave. When we learned in January that the SC companies were handling the LDP Quarterly we connected with our sister shops and started brainstorming.

From the beginning, everyone involved wanted Volume 32 to be completely different from the other 31 flavors.  After several conversations, discussions, conference calls, emails, and more conference calls, the team finally formulated a game plan. The book needed to be creative and informative. Luckily there are a lot of eager, rockstar associates who jumped right in and started designing!

For the first half of the book the LDPs pulled colorful retro images, added modern graphic techniques, and placed the main focus on the associates, company capabilities and general print information. The second half of the book is dedicated to South Carolina where it talks about facts and feature bright, fun historical landmarks. The substrates in the book vary by section- the Quarterly shouldn’t just be about capabilities and trivia, it should show as well as tell! The LDPs picked the substrates and the order of the different stocks based on the styles of printing they wanted to demonstrate.

The Wentworth LDP’s took a road trip to Greenville to meet up with the other LDP’s for a photo shoot at BMW and Fluor Field. A lunchtime drive around Columbia captured additional images for our section of the book. As all these pieces came together, lots of time was spent to make sure all of these elements were incorporated cohesively without making it into a random mess of ideas. Lots of pages were created (and countless ones, sadly, did not make the cut). To make it even more fun, it was decided to separate the SC section from the company section by making Volume 32 a flip book!

Once the design was finalized the Quarterly quickly moved on to production meetings which were followed by offset press checks, digital press checks, and then cutting, folding, and diecutting!

After printing and bindery, the Quarterly headed to finishing. Each sheet in the book was run through the puncher (x 1200!!!) and the three smaller sized sheets and folded 6-pager were punched by hand (x 1200!!!) All 1200 sets of books were then hand collated and then the wire was hand fed through each collated set. After the wire was fed, the wire-o machine was used to hand close the wire.

The last step was to add the ECPrint Tyvek runner bib (personalized with each recipient’s name) and match it to the correct address. Each book was individually shrinkwrapped and then boxed according to the distribution list from CGX.

We are all very proud of the 32nd issue of the LDP Quarterly and we hope that it conveys how passionate we are for this industry and how much we enjoy what we do.  A very special thanks to all the LDP’s as well as Wentworth production team for producing what we feel is the best Quarterly to date (in our humble opinion). There is great information about all SC companies as well as some fun tidbits about the state of South Carolina! Check out the flip book below for some shots of the LDP’s as well as some images of the finished piece.

Some neat points of interest of the book:

  • The green “fan page” is spot digi-matte done on our HP Indigo 5550
  • The image of the Wentworth Associates in front of “Busted Plug Plaza” is a combination of 12 mil Ultra Green White Film (Tree-free paper aka “Rock Paper”), 80# Coronado SST Stipple Cover, and 100# Classic Linen Natural White Cover.
  • The image of the Indigo has been split – one side is digital and the other side was run offset
  • The covers have a spot varnish to make it POP
  • The purple postcard perfs out and is mailable. (Send it to your mom – she will love it)
  • All the design was done in-house by the talented LDP’s of the SC companies.
  • With the exception of the runner’s bib, all printing, binding, and finishing was done at WPC
  • Each Quarterly tops out at just under 1 POUND (0.95lbs) Uncoated cover stock is heavy!

P.S. Make sure to check out the QR code on the “Flip Side” – (you might need to watch it twice)!

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and a big shout out to Nicole, Crandall and Ahmad for all of their hard work!!

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