FSC changing logo standards

Posted on March 1, 2010

As of today, FSC is changing logo standards. The new logo should be used on all new printed pieces. Exact reprints can use the old logo until December 31, 2010. After that the new logo must be used on everything. View the FSC Labeling Graphical Requirements for more information.

These new requirements have cleaned up the wording on the label and makes it easier to understand. Consumers weren’t seeing the value in having the label state that the “product group from well-managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood or fiber”. As a result, the new labels have three designations “from responsible sources”, “from well-managed forests” and “made from recycled material”.

Breaking the designations down further: –FSC 100% (well-managed forests) label: Papers that are made of 100% FSC-certified virgin fiber (all the pulp is from certified forests) –FSC Mix Label (responsible sources): made from a combination of FSC-certified virgin fiber mixed with controlled virgin fiber and/or recycled fiber (aka a mix of certified pulp and pulp from controlled, but not certified, forests) –FSC Recycled (made from recycled material): paper must be made with 100% recycled fiber, at least 85% which is post-consumer recycled. (no virgin pulp!) New sheets are constantly receiving certification, so check this list, to see if your next project could use the FSC label!

If all the sheets are on the list, tell your COC certified printer you want it processed as FSC certified! Remember, FSC logos can only be printed by a printer who has chain-of-custody certification (Wentworth and all of our sister companies are certified). We will only give you a FPO logo to design your piece. We will place the appropriate logo once we have verified that the job will proceed as a certified project.

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