Checking in with Political Peak!

Posted on October 5, 2012

Political Peak is a CGX Leadership Development Program rotation in which a group of associates from across the country go onsite to help a direct mail firm that Consolidated Graphics and Mount Vernon have partnered up with. Mount Vernon is a sister company of Wentworth and a part of the Consolidated Graphics network. The associates act as production managers for the direct mail firm and become the go to person for anything print related. As project managers, they are in charge of vendor relationships, communication with printers and mail houses, and managing account teams budget and workflow. The associates act as the client’s printing and mailing experts. They work with print companies that ensure political mail will be delivered on time and make all required drop dates. The Associates have to be ready for the challenge of political life and be available 24/7.

“I have really enjoyed my time here at political peak. It is a totally different world from working at Wentworth. We are onsite and are available for the account teams any time they need us. We have to realize that these account teams are our clients so what ever they need done we have to make happen even if it is 24 hour turn around. I love the responsibility we have here and how we are in charge of all our relationships with our printers and account teams. It is very cool to see printing from the other side because when we go to the printers we are the clients! So now we know what it’s like to be a customer of a print shop and we are a very demanding customer!”
-Hilary Watson, WPC Associate

“Another great benefit of doing political peak is the great opportunity to be in an awesome location: Washington DC! Living here is a totally different experience from South Carolina. Exploring the city and surrounding metro area is breath-taking in every way. Aside from the easy availability to gaze upon some of America’s most revered landmarks such as the White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial, the plethora of social spots aren’t too shabby either. Even though working very long hours during political peak is a given, we still take every chance to embrace every opportunity!”
-Maurice Phillips, WPC Associate

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