CGX Unveils Technology to Power Grocery Loyalty Programs

Posted on November 18, 2010

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Digital Inkjet Web Enables Full Color Variability for Large Volume Retail Campaigns

Denver, CO – November 18, 2010- CGX Publishing Solutions today announced new technology delivering high volume, 100% variable direct mail capabilities. In variable projects, every finished direct mail piece can be individualized with a different message, version, design and promotion. This is efficiently produced as one press run. Previously, variable technology has been limited to small digital runs, while large volumes required an extended time to market for production and were potentially cost prohibitive.

The HP T300 Digital Inkjet web press has a print speed of 400 feet per minute, or over 3 million images a day. These images are data driven, and all 3 million can be a different message. While heralding significantly higher volumes than sheet fed digital, value is seen in a quick time to market and a previously unattainable price point.

CGX Publishing Solutions recently completed a large volume campaign producing variable mailers for a prominent grocer. The campaign was comprised of a multiple page booklet using previous purchasing behaviors and known customer data to successfully target individuals with relevant offers.

“We have the technology to mass produce 100% variable coupon booklets that communicate differently to individual shoppers. The biggest value our customers see, outside the volume capabilities, are the speed to market, and a cost effective way to market to individuals”, said Steve Wilson, VP Digital Sales.

Consolidated Graphics was only the second company in the world to complete the installation of the HP T300 in December of 2009. As a pioneer in offering digital inkjet web production, continued investments in software and finishing capabilities have primed CGX Publishing to be the leading provider for retail direct mail loyalty campaigns.

by E.Seboldt at CGXPublishing

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