We’ve collected some articles that take an insightful look at print and it’s environmental impact.

How Green is My Media?

Paper versus the web – Is there a clear winner?

Is Digital Media Worse for the Environment than Print?


And here are some links to some more sites that discuss print and the environment:

Print Grows Trees

USPS Sustainability – A Greener Post Office

Print in the Mix (LOTS of links!)


AND here are some great environmental calculators:

Neenah – EnviroCalculator

Mohawk Fine Paper – Environmental Savings Calculator

Monadnock -Environmental Calculator

Sappi – eQ Tool


And of course, WPC is a FSC and SFI Chain-of-Custody printer. If you are using the logos, and not printing with a certified printer, you are breaking the chain. And that’s not good karma. Below are links to certified papers:

FSC Certified Papers

SFI Certified Papers