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What is the price of Rampage Remote?

The Rampage Remote client is provided free of charge to anyone using our printing services. There are no up-front or usage fees.

Should I upgrade to the latest client?

Yes. It is beneficial to keep your client updated as new versions come out. If the server you are connecting to has a new client available for download, it will inform you at login time.

Why can’t I log in?

There are a variety of reasons why you might be having difficulty logging into the server. Check the server adddress and port against what we provided you. Verify your login name and password (they are case sensitive!). If your company employs a proxy server or firewall, there may be more that you need to do in order to communicate with our server and you should contact customer support for assistance.

I’ve lost my password!

Contact customer support. While we are unable to retrieve your password, we can supply you with a new one.

My company uses a proxy server, can I still connect?

Rampage Remote supports the use of most proxy servers. Once you’ve invoked the application, you’ll need to bring up the preferences and specify the details of your proxy server in the appropriate panel. The settings you will need to enter should be available from your network technician.

What ports does Rampage Remote use?

Rampage Remote uses a standard web browser port (80) to transfer imagery, and a custom port (specified by us) for all other communications (for security and efficiency reasons). You will need to contact us for the second port number, which you will then specify as part of the login process. If your company uses a firewall, they may block one or both ports and you may need to contact your network technician on how to proceed.

Does the applet offer full functionality?

No. Applets are subject to certain security restrictions that insure the safety of your computer system. Our applet cannot save any files to disk, nor access memory or your network architecture. As such, downloading, printing and saving preferences are among the few things you cannot accomplish with the applet. You can, however, do most of the things you need to do with Rampage Remote, such as proofing and approving your pages.

It is recommended that you run the application if at all possible so that you can use the full functionality the product offers. At some point in the future, we may offer a digitally signed applet that circumvents these restrictions.

Is the applet totally secure and safe to use?

It’s as safe as all 100% pure java applets are, subject to the stringent security restrictions placed upon applets. It is unable to access your disk, memory, network architecture or peripherals.

How can I get help with Rampage Remote?

If you are unable to find the assistance you require on this website, our support department and your CSR are available to assist you in any way with Rampage Remote.

How can I report a bug in the product or its documentation?

Within Rampage Remote, under the ‘Help’ menu, select the option called ‘Submit Bug Report…’. Fill out the form provided and hit the ‘Submit’ button. Your report will be entered into our issue tracking system automatically. Please be as specific as you can.

How can I submit suggestions for future versions of Rampage Remote?

Within Rampage Remote, under the ‘Help’ menu, select the option called ‘SubmitEnhancement Request…”. Fill out the form provided and hit the ‘Submit’ button. Your request will be entered into our issue tracking system automatically.

How accurate is the color that I see?

Due to the large variety of different makes and models of monitors and the fact that many people don’t have their monitors calibrated properly, the color you see on the monitor may or may not be exact. To help offset this issue, Rampage Remote offers two ways to accurately view your color. The first is the sample/densitometer tool, which can provide an accurate color reading for any point on your proof. Second, Rampage Remote allows you to download your proofs to your machine, calibrated for your specific proofing outputdevice. When printing on the proofing device that it’s been calibrated for, your proof should show correct color, or as close as the proofing device can support.

Why does it take a while to zoom and pan?

Rampage Remote generates images “on the fly” in response to zooming and panning, directly from the monitor proof in the production system. This means you can zoom in and pan on the actual proof, not a scaled down version of it. Every time you zoom and pan, this causes our server to generate a new portion of the image for you to look at and transfer it over the Internet to your client. Depending on your connection speed and the resolution of the proof in the system, this may take a bit of time to accomplish, which is why you may see a short lag when performing these actions.

Why can’t I download my proof?

If you are unable to download your proof, you are either running Rampage Remote as an applet, or your ability to download proofs has been blocked by an administrator. Contact customer support if you need to download proofs and your access has been blocked.

Why can’t I print?

You are either running Rampage Remote as an applet, or you are on a Macintosh Classic (OS 8-9) system. If you are running on an older Mac running OS8 or 9, you will need to upgrade to OS-X. If you are running the applet, you will need to install the application and run that instead as applets block printing as a security measure.