In April we will continue to discuss the value that Wentworth and our customers have received from EMERGE – visit the emerge website

Here’s a teaser from the emege website:

Our industry is evolving all the time, after all, we’re the ones leading it. Wouldn’t it be great, we realized, if we had a regular dialogue with our customers to exchange thought-provoking ideas and talk about challenges and opportunities facing the industry.   Help our customers become even more successful while also improving the way our industry does business.

Emerge was born.  A conference unlike any other in the print solutions business.

At Emerge we bring our customers together with the top names in our industry – not just Consolidated Graphics but also HP, Kodak, Adobe and numerous other category leaders.  Over the course of two days, industry experts facilitate educational presentations and seminars. Emerge creates an opportunity for leaders to share the most innovative, advanced print solutions, and a forum to listen to customers and respond to their needs. Of course, beyond pure information exchange, Emerge is also a prime networking opportunity at which new opportunities arise and alliances are created.

The two-day conference offers:

  • Educational seminars focused on emerging trends in graphic communications. Discover technologies and techniques that deliver the highest return on marketing and printing investments. Select from a wide variety of timely breakout topics, providing you with the tools you need to implement positive change in your organization and prepare for the future of print and marketing communications.
  • Business expo where attendees gain valuable information and hands-on experience with break-through communication solutions. Consolidated Graphics, along with leading industry experts, will showcase the latest products, services and solutions that are shaping the future of graphic communications.
  • Networking opportunities that provide a forum for sharing ideas and experiences with your peers and industry experts. The relationships you build will be a resource as you implement new solutions in your business.

Emerge is shaping the future of printing and marketing communications and Consolidated Graphics is committed to investing in our customer’s success now and into the future.