The Prepress Perspective- Week 3

February 15, 2012 No comments yet

The Low Down on Low Res Images You’ve checked your resolution in Photoshop, it’s at 300 pixels per inch- but Wentworth is still telling you your image is low res! What gives? Resolution is probably one of the most confusing things about printing. I’ll see if I can simplify it a little for you. Let’s […]

The Prepress Perspective- Week 2

February 8, 2012 No comments yet

Week 2- Printer Spreads vs. Reader Spreads One of the great mysteries of the Universe is Printer Spreads. I have always wondered, why are they called printer spreads when printers don’t even use them? Well, that’s not completely true. We do use printer spreads, just not in the way you would think. Let me explain… […]

The Prepress Perspective- Week 1

February 1, 2012 No comments yet

Greetings from the prepress department! Thanks for visiting my very first blog! This entry is first in the series “The Prepress Perspective.” Here at Wentworth, our prepress department has over 20 years combined experience. Through the years we have all seen common confusions that our customers have when sending in files. Each week I’m going […]

Emerge 2011 play-by-play! Part 2

May 19, 2011 No comments yet

7:42 am 5/20/2011: Good morning! WPC is flying back to SC – we’ll have a complete photo book for you later  as well as another post with a recap of the entire event.  To keep you entertained until then – here’s a fun one of Jamonn @jbreezy16. Safe travels to everyone and thanks for following […]

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