What Makes Your Marketing Successful?

April 20, 2015 No comments yet

One key element of marketing is being able to create and establish “connected experiences,” as the CMO of RR Donnelley likes to call them, with each and every customer.  Instead of overwhelming consumers and customers with messages everywhere they look, you take the time to really think through the message and the desired end goal.  […]

Walking the Appalachian Trail

March 30, 2015 No comments yet

On March 30, 11 members of the Wentworth team begin their ShapeUp journey with the Appalachian Trail Challenge. Led by Team Captain Summer Lee, this group will work towards the ultimate goal to walk 2,180 miles – the entire length of the Appalachian Trail! This corporate challenge is open to all RR Donnelley companies and […]

Brightening Up Our Office

June 16, 2014 No comments yet

We had to do something with our drab grey office, and came up with the creative idea to print adhesive vinyl wraps for our cube farm. The design and printing was done in-house and the graphics feature the CSRs’ names at their cube entrance. The color and graphics have brightened up the office and improved […]

The Art of Choosing the Right Paper

June 2, 2014 No comments yet

In the middle of a new project and having trouble deciding on what kind of paper to chose? This article from tutsplus.com will give the run down of all the things to consider when choosing your paper and a few tips on the best way to go about it. http://design.tutsplus.com/articles/the-art-of-choosing-the-right-paper–vector-4295

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